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Product Options: R2S-SLEEKM/B: SLEEK Medium Back/ BLACK R2S-SLEEKM/W: SLEEK Medium Back/ WHITE R2S-SLEEKM/A: SLEEK Medium Back/ALMOND

OPTIONS: R2S-GEE: Gee Chair no Arms


Product Options: R2S-FIVEH/B:  FIVE Executive High Back

Product Options: 360H SL-GE736: Slimline Glass Screen  750L x 360H SL-GE1236: Slimline Glass Screen 1200L x 360H SL-GE1536: Slimline Glass Screen 1500L x 360H SL-GE1836: Slimline Glass Screen 1800L x 360H 520H SL-GE752: Slimline Glass Screen  750L x 520H SL-GE1252: Slimline Glass Screen 1200L x 520H SL-GE1552: Slimline Glass Screen 1500L x 520H...

PRODUCT OPTIONS: R2O-CLASS18: CLASS Reception Desk 1800mm L x 950mm D x 1250mm H

AVAILABLE SIZES: CL-2412: COIL Rectangle Table 2400 x 1200 CL-3012: COIL Rectangle Table 3000 x 1200 CL-3612: COIL Rectangle Table 3600 x 1200 CL-4812: COIL Rectangle Table 4800 x 1200

AVAILABLE SIZES: CL-EXDK-187 FR: COIL Executive Desk 1800 x 750 (Frame only) CL-EXDK-217 FR: COIL Executive Desk 2100 x 750 (Frame only) CL-EXDK-RE FR: COIL Executive Desk Return suits Tops 850-1200L / 500-750D (Frame only) 

Product Options: R2S-KNW Bench/Black: Knick Bench Sled with White Frame/Black Seat Pad R2S-KNW Bench/Blue: Knick Bench Sled with White Frame/Blue Seat Pad R2S-KNW Bench/Red: Knick Bench Sled with White Frame/Red Seat Pad R2S-KNW Bench/Orange: Knick Bench Sled with White Frame/Orange Seat Pad R2S-KNW Bench/Green: Knick Bench Sled with White Frame/Green...

Product Options: R2S-KNB Bench/Black: Knick Bench Sled with Black Frame/Black Seat Pad R2S-KNB Bench/Blue: Knick Bench Sled with Black Frame/Blue Seat Pad R2S-KNB Bench/Red: Knick Bench Sled with Black Frame/Red Seat Pad R2S-KNB Bench/Orange: Knick Bench Sled with Black Frame/Orange Seat Pad R2S-KNB Bench/Green: Knick Bench Sled with Black Frame/Green...

Product Options: R2S-KNB/Black: Knick Visitor Sled with Black Frame/Black Seat Pad R2S-KNB/Blue: Knick Visitor Sled with Black Frame/Blue Seat Pad R2S-KNB/Red: Knick Visitor Sled with Black Frame/Red Seat Pad R2S-KNB/Orange: Knick Visitor Sled with Black Frame/Orange Seat Pad R2S-KNB/Green: Knick Visitor Sled with Black Frame/Green Seat Pad

Product Options: R2S-KNW/Black: Knick Visitor Sled with White Frame/Black Seat Pad R2S-KNW/Blue: Knick Visitor Sled with White Frame/Blue Seat Pad R2S-KNW/Red: Knick Visitor Sled with White Frame/Red Seat Pad R2S-KNW/Orange: Knick Visitor Sled with White Frame/Orange Seat Pad R2S-KNW/Green: Knick Visitor Sled with White Frame/Green Seat Pad

Product Options: R2S-M21/B: M21 Ergonomic Chair / Black Fabric R2S-ARM5: Adjustable Arms to Suit M21 and 3L (optional)

Product Options: R2S-OMEGAV/B Omega Visitor/Black R2S-OMEGAV/R Omega Visitor/Red

Product Options: R2S-NETV/B NET Visitor/Black R2S-NETV/R NET Visitor/Red

Product Options: R2S-ALL/B Allvar Managers Chair

Product Options: R2S-RACHEL: Rachel Ergo Chair R2S-RACHELARMS: Height Adjustable Arms R2S-BASEARCH Polished Arch Alloy Base

Product Options: R2S-OMEGAW/B Omega Operator Chair/Black R2S-OMEGAW/R Omega Operator Chair/Red

Product Options: R2S-NET/B NET Task Chair/Black R2S-NET/R NET Task Chair/Red

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